Sunday, May 3, 2009

Updates, Updates, Updates...

Okay, so I've completely slacked on posting any updates lately. But, then again, so has my better half, so maybe I can get away with just half the blame?!?

Anyhow... to be fair... there really isn't that much to provide as an update...

Have I mentioned the amount of paperwork involved in this process? In order to get the correct contracts in place with everyone, there are lots of questions and answers that need to be memorialized in contracts. Contract with the Agency, contract with the surrogate (carrier), contract with the egg donor, contract with the Clinic, etc.

As of Friday (5/1/09), all of the contracts are D-O-N-E! YAY!!!

Susie starts her medications within a week to stimulate egg production. Jane's process starts out with various exams prior to the start of her medications within a week too. The 2nd Potato and I start our own medical exams within a couple of weeks.

At this time, it looks like we could be pregnant within 6-12 weeks! I expect that within the next few weeks there should be a timline established by the Clinic.

In the meantime, we continue to scour through FreeCycle to gather stuff for the kids!


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