Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Man "bags"...

I was talking with the other potato about diaper bags and we'd both noticed how many diaper bags are geared towards women .... or on stage drag queen accessories. Not that there is anything wrong with drag queen accessories, but how many pink, frilly, shiny "pleather" quilted bags with shiny faux gold buckles can one guy carry?! Most of my family live in northern NH, so carrying that around would definitely get me shot at, hunting season or not. It seemed the more we looked, the more feminine they looked and the more pricey they got.

We decided we'd sit down and figure out what we wanted out of a diaper bag and search for something more mannish...a "man" bag! Now I'm not talking cammo with a gun rack that tucks into a side pocket or a bag that holds a six pack of beer and ice, just something less winnie-the-pooh'ish. We both are a bit geekie, the other potato is more so than myself. That would mean we'd want something that holds a cell phone without getting applesauce on it, that can hold a laptop without getting baby powder sprinkled on the keyboard, and that would be a somewhat neutral color. When he first mentioned carrying a laptop, I had to laugh! -Are you serious? Carry a laptop with diapers and a "binkie"...can they do that?! Well, apparently they do! I found this great looking diaper bag online, that holds diapers and a laptop...I almost fainted. I attached the link so you can all see it for yourselves.


It would appear they have many geek items, for adults and baby alike! -How exciting!


  1. OMG! That bag is perfect! I would wear that bag and I'm a woman! Nice find!

  2. Wish I had known then...but hey, as she got older, we bought her purses to match her headbands and shoes, now she carries her "bling purses" wherever we go...and inside? Diapers, wipes, snacks...:-)

  3. This is the one we got...the "Dude Diaper Bag". Very manly and such. So much so it makes you spit when you carry it. Very butch.