Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Tentative" Schedule

So it looks like we are one step closer to making this real now - we have a "tentative" schedule!

Susie and Jane have already completed their "workups" and the focus is now on the Potatoes' "workups!" Since Potato #1 has to take 5/22/09 off as a furlough day (unpaid day off), the Potatoes have scheduled the drive to the Clinic to complete our "workup" on 5/22!!

Once our "workup" is finalized (takes about a week for all results), Suzie and Jane begin their six-week med cycle, and a more detailed and "formal" schedule will be created. Based on the "tentative" schedule, it looks like we could be pregnant by August, with babies due in May!

YAY!! :)

Gee, is it time to get nervous yet?!? Naaaaaah... we'll wait until we are pregnant! In the meantime, I think we need to avoid watching any TLC or Discovery shows re "primordial dwarves", "giant syndrome" or anything else along those lines....


  1. We had all the usual worries but as is my way, we combated them with humor. If there had to be a defect we decided a tail was acceptable. As long as she could hand us a beer with it.

  2. Yes, stay away from TLC and Discovery! LOL! And good luck!