Monday, May 4, 2009

Having children is like running a marathon...

So it has been some time since we've posted, but rest assured we've not abandoned our readers! With one potatoes work increasing and the other potatoes school coming near an end, it's crunch time.

A little birdie, we'll call her Lisa, had mentioned a marathon that she and her daughter signed up for this fall in the area. She is walking a half marathon to just help get her into better shape. As I pondered the last time I ran (nearly 20 yrs ago), I thought if she can do it, why can't I?! I'm not as young and foolish as I used to be, so that means I'm older and wiser and should be able to tackle this "project" like any other. The sensibility of getting into better shape certainly seems realistic considering twins running around for years to come!

So I signed up for the Bay State Marathon in October. I had no idea what to do to start prepping for this marathon, as I'd never ran one before in my life. Did I say run the full marathon? -Yes, I did! Isn't that crazy! I didn't know what stretches to do or which set of leg warmers to use or if my "walkman" would still work after all these many questions! As I did my research I find out that there are so many older adults running marathons and there is a ton of information out there from diet to apparel (leg warmers are out, just so you know!) to which stretch can put you in the running and which stretch can put you in the hospital (good to know!).

I'm very excited to be running a marathon, some have told me that having children is like running a marathon. My one inspiration (or two!) in getting up at 5:30am on a Saturday morning and running 6 miles is the idea that I will be physically ready (at least somewhat) to be able to address the needs of my children. It's one thing to be financially ready and emotionally sound, but what about physically ready for the task? I feel running a real marathon will be a stepping stone to running a life-long marathon with raising children. - Exhausting, yet satisfying!

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