Saturday, May 23, 2009

My day of reckoning...

Everyone has a day of reckoning...

...It seems that mine was yesterday (Friday, 5/22/09).

Unlike President Clinton, I can't say "I didn't inhale", and my colleagues from FCI will be the first to attest to my (in)ability to drink copiously. Did any of these "youthful indiscretions" (aka bad decisions) damage any of my sperm (a.k.a., "little men", "fighting men", "troopers", or "soldiers")? After all, being gay, I never thought they would really be of any particular use to me (it's not like I'm heading off to war and need troopers, right, everyone knows Cubans are pacifists)?!?!

So it was with great hesitation and serious contemplation that the 2nd Potato and I headed out to the Clinic yesterday to complete our FDA required tests, since technically speaking, the FDA views us as sperm donors for this process. Now, if the FDA can't do anything to prevent/monitor salmonella in peanuts, broccolli, or hamburger, how am I supposed to trust their conclusions re my sperm?!?

Nightmares that ended in "... sorry Potato #1, but your sperm has salmonella, so we can't allow you to reproduce..." followed by the sounds of news trucks camping out in our front lawn waiting for a statement, kept waking me up in the middle of the night Thursday...

To ease my concerns, the folks at the Clinic conducted all of their tests quickly, and happily informed me that my little men are fine - better than fine, in fact! It seems that my troopers are ready to fight and conquer England (well, maybe not England, but certainly France, right? I mean, according to certain history books, they are pretty good at welcoming invaders, no?)! But rest assured that I've given the troops orders to stand down for a few weeks until they are really needed - people of England (and France) need not be afraid and can relax!! Of course the 2nd Potato's troopers are fine too, and we can finally relax.

The next step is the results of our blood work, which should be completed by the middle of next week. Once we get over that hurdle, the "official time line" gets created!



  1. Way to go, Lil swimmers. Onward and upward!

    Good luck to both of you!

  2. Very excited for you! How do you like Circle BTW?


  3. Just found your blog and have really enjoyed reading through some of the latest posts. So, what's happening now? Why no post for several weeks? You can't leave me hanging like this.

  4. Hola Debbie - I'm sorry that it we haven't posted for the past few weeks! To be honest, there really haven't been many updates, but I didn't just post now! :)

  5. Jeve, re Circle (which I think we are technically bound by their contract not to mention them), we are very happy to be working with them.

    On similar yet separate note... while conducting our due diligence in preparation for this journey, a common thread across other intended parents (IPs) is that that anyone who goes through this process needs to be prepared to self-advocate!

    Have you chosen an agency yet? Do you know abotu the SurroDads site on facebook? That's another resource you may find helpful in your own journey!