Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Run, walk, stagger, or crawl...

So I'm running a marathon... correction... That would be walking, yes, walking a marathon... correction... Um, err, well, actually, it's going to be a half marathon...

And I'm really hoping to just be able to finish it without passing out and being carried out with a stretcher from sun poisoning, malaria, exhaustion, bunions, paper cuts, tapeworms, africanized bee swarm bites, or any of those other ailments that runners are prone too!

So why am I putting myself into such great peril? Gee, I keep asking myself that...

I'm not running through Lowell to raise awareness for anything in particular (though I think everyone should know how to become a better dad and husband (well, if you're a guy, that is). I'm not walking through Lowell to raise money for anything in particular (though anyone that wants to pledge donations to our "Tater Tot college fund" is welcome to do so). I'm certainly not staggering around Lowell without a Blue Moon and a slice of orange (Mmmmm... Blue Moon). And I'm not crawling through the streets of Lowell on my hands and knees asking for change (you go to Boston or Cambridge for that)!

I guess I'm doing it because I want to get healthy, so that I can enjoy the rest of my life with my wonderful husband, and the kids that are as yet to be, and who's names shall not be spoken (since we don't have names picked out yet)...

Yeah, I'm doing it for me. Because I know that running, walking, staggering, or crawling, it is well worth getting in shape so that I'll be there for my family. So, I guess it is time to start training for the half marathon walk!

BTW and for the record.... I'm also doing it for the shoes - I mean, I'll just have to get new shoes to do this, won't I?!? Maybe a jogging suit too... and does anyone know if headbands are still "in"? I think I'll need a hydration pack and a heart monitor pacer thingy too!

Seriously though... I am going to do this.

Gotta go - I mean run! Err... I mean, walk, stagger or crawl!


  1. Congrats and good luck to you! I just found your blog and I can't wait to see how your baby making journey works out. Exciting isn't it?
    I've run five marathons, and it's the greatest feeling when you cross that line...good luck and stick to your training plan (if you don't, don't worry, your legs will remind you on the day of the race ha ha ha!).

  2. Bobby,

    Thanks! We are really excited about this, and hope you will follow along with us on the journey!

    Re the marathons - geez FIVE?!? I'm hoping to be able to just walk this ONE... but I really am focused on getting in shape, to make sure that I'll be around for a long time - for Potato #2, and the little tatters that will be coming along next year!


    - Mirán (Potato #1)