Monday, March 23, 2009

Cyclying - NOT Bicycling!

The Clinic contacted us today - well, actually, I called them just as they simultaneously emailed me - to let us know that the egg donor ("Susie") is in fact available to cycle for us!!

For the record, cycling doesn't mean dressing up in one of those all showing skin tight outfits, strapping on a helmet, jumping onto a two wheeler and hitting the road. It means that Susie's schedule is available to work with Jane's so that we can move the process one step further to having kids. Who cares about the Potatoes schedules - after all, kids happen, right?!? :)

WOW... we really are going to be parents!!


  1. congrats! Very exciting time for you. Love the blog about the process. You'll have to keep it up once the babies arrive.

  2. YAY It's a Match!!!!!!!!!!! It's amazing how when everything starts falling into place,and it make's us believe even stronger it's meant to be...We found out last monday ourselves that our Home Study was approved.. And in less than a month no less. This thing could be happening sooner than we all think..

  3. Meaghan, we definitely hope to keep this up like so many others bloggers that I follow have!

    Jaysinwantsuo3, Congrats on the homestudy, and good luck moving forward!!

    - Mirán (Potato #1)