Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cycle #3 Update, 8/11/2010

Oops... I just realized that I forgot to post the updates that I had been editing - sorry!  But here is the latest!!  :)

Cycle #3 Update:
  1. Lupron start date: 7/4/10
    • Started!
  2. OCP (birth control pill) stop date: 7/9/10
    1. Done (and many thanks to Jane's husband)!
  3. Approximate date of suppression check: 7/15/10
    • Done, all looks okay!
  4. Estrace start date: 7/16/10
    • Started!
  5. Approx. date of endometrial lining check: 7/30/10
    • Done - Jane's lining looks great!
    • Slight schedule adjustment... Embryo transfer originally scheduled for 8/9/10 has been moved to 8/11/10... all good!
  6. Last dose of Lupron: 8/2/10
    • Stopped!
  7. Begin progesterone & prometrium: 8/3/10
    • Started!
  8. Begin prednisone and doxy: 8/4/10
    • Started!
    • Spoke to the clinic and confirmed the embryo plan.
      • Potato #1 and Potato #2 each have one(1) pair of "Grade A five-day embryo blasts", with each pair coming from a different egg donor.
      • Following an extensive review of each egg donor's "proven productivity", Dr. H. suggested that we start off with (2) of Potato #1's embryo blasts, and (1) of Potato #2's blasts.
      • Once the (3) embryos are thawed out, the geneticists and Dr. D will review them, and if any of the embryos appear to have any "issues", then we will thaw the 4th embryo.
    • Yikes - learned that Jane is experiencing morning sickness - something she didn't go through with her own children... :(   Gosh, thanks so much for doing this for us!!! :)
  9. Embryo transfer is scheduled for Monday, 8/9/10 Wednesday, 8/11/10
    • Transfer scheduled for 10:30am... Jane needs to be there by 10:00am - we will be there too!
      • When we got there, we found Jane wearing green nail polish (mani/pedi) and a green tshirt... according to other surrogates wearing green "helps"!
      • We also met a couple from NY, that were also having their first transfer done today - good luck guys!!
    • FYI: Vitrified/Cryopreserved embryos thaw within 90 minutes or so, as they are moved from dish to dish within the incubator(s).
      • According to Dr. H. and the geneticists, all three embryos thawed at "100%", so the decision was made to move ahead according to plans!
      • Potato #1's embryos are displayed below:
      • Potato #2's embryo is displayed below:
      • Note, that the Clinic waits until at least the surrogate is in the office before they start the embryo thawing process (which makes total sense, if you ask me)!!
    • Dr. H. transferred the embryos to Jane; everything went well!
      • Jane rested for a little while to let gravity "help"...
      • We ran out and got her some french fries (another "surrogate helper")...
      • And then we all went out and had a REALLY GREAT MEAL/TIME at Joey Garlic's Pizzeria, where we got to not only enjoy great company, but an awesome and yummy meal!!
Next steps:
  1. First Beta on Friday, 8/20/10 (9 days out)
    • Note that it takes longer for the body to actually generate the hormone levels that are measured by the Beta, so it is considered somewhat "unwise" to do a home pregnancy test, since it is looking for much higher hormonal levels.
  2. Subsequent Betas, scheduled as appropriate...
    • And will be reported here as soon as we know!!

All in all, we had a really great day, and are REALLY excited.... statistically speaking, it looks like we are "due"...



  1. How exciting for you both. I know when my IF's went through the two week wait period. It drove us all nuts. I did take some pregnancy test early. We got our first positive the morning of our beta test. Now we are 18 1/2 weeks pregnant. Good luck to you both

  2. Everything seems to be lined up so perfectly for this beta to have great numbers! I cant wait!!

  3. just came across your blog and wanted to wish you luck!