Friday, March 12, 2010

"Oh Sugar!"

We just learned that none of the last batch of eggs made it to cryopreservable embryos.

Bummer.  Ellen - are you following?!?  You really should put us on your show so that you and your audience can follow us along our journey towards parenthood!!

Oh well, we'll just look toward the next fertilization batch.



  1. :( I'm sorry guys.

    I'm not Ellen but I'm following your journey and routing for you guys everyday!

  2. Sorry to hear that. And don't listen to Holly and Becky from 2moms...I'm pretty sure one of them IS Ellen!

  3. LOL - thanks guys!

    "It is what it is..." and we're sure it will work out well in the long run... even if it is more of a marathon that a walk in the park....

  4. Bummer. In the end, when you have your baby/babies you will think back about your journey (good and bad) and kiss them and laugh, because it was all worth it.

    Good luck!