Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Moving forward...

Hola everyone!

To paraphrase Mark Twain (and the Lowell Shallot), "rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated" and we are [albeit] slowly moving forward towards Transfer #3! 

Following several strategy discussions, here is our general plan of action:
  1. We will be using eggs from several donors.
  2. Both of us potatoes will provide our sperm, which will be frozen and thawed as needed for fertilization.
  3. Donor eggs will be fertilized, and any resulting "good day-5 blastocysts" will be cryopreserved.
  4. Once we each have a good number of frozen embryos, they will get thawed and transfered to Jane.
  5. Assuming that several embryos attach, anything over two will be selectively reduced.
Today, 2/10/10:
  • Both of us went to the Clinic and provided our sperm.
  • Several "very nice looking mature eggs" were retrieved from an egg donor.
  • The first batch of eggs were fertilized.  We should gain a better sense of how many fertilized tomorrow, and how many resulted in blastocysts on Monday.
Woo-Hoo!!     :)

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  1. Well I thought you two fell off the planet! Glad you're getting back in the swing.