Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fertile Friday Update...

Dr. H called us a little while ago and gave us an embryo update:
  • (14) Donor #414 eggs were thawed; and separated into two batches (one for each of us Potatoes)
  • (1) Donor #414 egg wound up being immature
  • (6) Donor #414 eggs in each were successfully fertilized (way to GO, sperm!)

Dr. H commented that this really is great proof of the quality of Donor #414's eggs, and that since so many fertilized and looked good, it appears likely that the transfer will actually occur on day 5 (Wednesday), rather than on day 3 (Monday).

Since they don't like to distrub the embryos, they will be next checked on Monday morning to see how they are progressing and give us a call with an update.

Yay!! :)

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