Monday, April 6, 2009

Want a Boy or a Girl? Have you thought of any names? Do you care if they're Gay or Straight?

So once people get over the "how cool" factor that the two of us are having kids, there seem to be three questions that inevitably come up:
  1. Do you want boys or girls?
  2. Have you thought of any names?
  3. Do you care if they turn out gay or straight?

Of course, all we can hope for is healthy babies, but for those that keep pressing, here are some answers:

Re (1), I don't really know anything about women (you know what I mean), but we are confident that between family and friends, there are plenty of women in our lives that will be able to help us (and THEM) if we wind up with girls! Of course, whoever tries to date them will need to find their own help to get pass the two of us when they get to the dating age of 47! Ah, what happy babbies they will be!

Re (2), Yeah, don't worry, they won't be named Baby #1 and Baby #2! We've started thinking about names, and have a running alphabetical list on the left of some of the "contenders". We'll keep it up to date, and will eventually start sorting it in order of those that are more likely than less. Happy babbies need a name!

Re (3), Fifteen years ago, I think we both would have shared the opinion that their lives might be "safer" or "better off" if they were straight - but lots has happened in the past fifteen years, and we firmly believe that lots more progress will be made during the next fifteen years! So, we can honestly say that we really don't care and believe that they will really have an equal opportunity regardless of whether they're gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered, or questioning! Happy babies just need to be happy!

BTW, we have tip our hats to this HILARIOUS post over at "gay dads in munchkin land" titled "OMG, he likes girls" that I highly recommend for a great laugh!

So to recap, we really don't care if we have boys or girls (or one of each), or if they wind up gay or straight - we really just want to have happy healthy kids!


  1. I knew we'd have a girl...two men, two male Labs, three male birds...yup is was the Universe at work balancing energy. I can't wait the two more weeks for her arrival!

  2. No matter what you guys have you will be incredible parents and the babies will be happy!! Oh and if you need a help with "girly" stuff you know that Scott will be happy to help you out with that stuff, since he's having such fun with ours right now....

  3. Great attitude to have. Steve and I don't care what we have either as long as he/she is happy and healthy! Cheers to you guys!